Table-Top Simulation

Create a relevant and engaging simulation environment on any table top.


Simulation exercises are a proven method used widely in small team environments in military, health care and emergency services to practice responses and operational procedures. Table-top simulation exercise can provide similar benefits in wider industry training or coaching applications.

Marketec design and manufacture several tools and props – generic and bespoke – as well as exercise design support, to plan, support and asses the outcome of your tabletop exercises.

The SLS (Scenario Learning System) is designed to support technical and non-technical skills training and assessment for small teams or workgroups. Models and props define the scenario environment while carefully prepared operating scenarios and scripts are used to compile and run the exercise.  The context and clarity provided by physical models and props substantially boosts engagement and participation, contributing to an enhanced learning experience.

The SLS package comprises the following components:

  • Rise and fall table or magnetic surface providing a dry-erase surface on which to configure the exercise.
  • Physical props and models to provide clarity, focus and engagement.
  • Exercise scripts to plan and run the exercise.
  • Guidance notes for assessment or evaluation.

Scenario-based learning and assessment is highly effective and engaging. Especially so for technical and dynamic systems where critical parameters are liable to change or where personnel are likely to shift-or crew-change.

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