Brent Field Connection??

There is much sentiment and nostalgia being expressed on LinkedIn airwaves about the Brent Field installations and our experiences on them over the past forty years. We have revisited a Brent clock-face design and would like to make an offer to “the old Brent community” of a unique and personalised/customised memento. In the video clip we show a generic Brent Field clock-face design … and a personalised version that can also include associated artwork or branding (even dated branding!). The generic clock-face design costs roughly the equivalent of a modest dinner for two … and the personalised version at a little extra (pre-dinner drinks, better wine etc.). However, if you can arrange with three colleagues using the same artwork/branding we will provide the clocks with no additional customisation charge! Ideal for your home-office, man-cave or commemorative gift for a colleague??

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