Coaching & Awareness – Enabling Insight on Critical Processes and Facilities

Establishing and cultivating an awareness (not a skill) within a workforce, client base or with stakeholders often requires a subtly different message than used for skills training – but the key principles remain. The experience must be engaging, relevant and focussed on providing a recall of key specifics to the desired level of detail.  Since time is often limited and the audience may start form varying levels of basic knowledge, a delivery technique that takes your audience on a plausible journey or narrative through the process is often the easiest to execute and manage.

Creating a relevant setting, complete with simple props to illustrate the roles, equipment and operating parameters is an engaging and versatile tool that helps deliver a consistent mental model – using the power of hands-on demonstration to create a powerful aid to understanding.

Our props are custom designed to convey a message specific to your particular needs.

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