Interactive Coaching Tools

Interactive Coaching Tools Schematic diagrams and P&IDs are key support tools for the engineering and maintenance for almost all process systems or electrical installations. They can be complex and intimidating for people unfamiliar with the system … however, an interactive visualisation tool provides a level of engagement and participation that helps users understand the configuration and functionality of key system components. An understanding that is crucial for safe and efficient operation, maintenance or engineering of almost any system.Read more
Whitemat Visual Systems and Tools

Whitemat Visual Systems and Tools A major challenge when planning, coaching or briefing on issues relating to wellbore conditions – or similar unobservable systems – is that we cannot see, first-hand, the factors that may crucially impact the intended operation. In work group, team or crew situations, it is important that everyone share the same mental model. Using a physical visualisation system enables engagement and participation by the parties involved and more importantly, allows a clear view and shared understanding of what is to be done!Read more
Buoyage Coaching Tools

Buoyage Coaching Tools The IALA Buoyage System is designed to keep maritime and inland waterway users safe and in the right place! However, the meaning or requirements of a specific type of buoy is only part of understanding the buoyage system as it may operate in real life. Using a physical visualisation system to apply knowledge of buoys, marks and other water-way users, in simple simulation exercises, is a powerful and engaging way to learn, practice and demonstrate competency – especially in a small class/crew setting.Read more
Well Test Equipment Spread Coaching Tools

Well Test Equipment Spread Coaching Tools A well testing equipment spread can be large and complex, creating a challenge for new hires, inexperienced crew, clients or stakeholders. However, there are relatively simple features and requirements – applicable to both the individual components and assembled equipment spread – that provide a good starting point for awareness and understanding. Using a visualisation system that incorporates some functionality to demonstrate fluid flow paths and key operating parameters enables simple simulation exercises for equipment hook-up, pressure testing and operation.Read more
Crane & Lifting Coaching Tools

Crane & Lifting Coaching Tools It is important that the people involved with crane and lifting operations can see beyond the load. The bigger picture includes the condition and maintenance of the crane, skills and roles of the people required to support the operation, documentation and authorisation to conduct the operation and, of course, the equipment required to secure and support the load. New hires or inexperienced crew will benefit from coaching tools that will enable them to see, understand and practice in that big picture – in a safe setting.Read more
Collision Regulations Coaching Tools – Understanding Vessel Movements at Sea

Collision Regulations Coaching Tools – Understanding Vessel Movements at Sea The Collision Regulations have been internationally established to provide an agreed understanding of roles, duties and rules that should be followed safe passage. Like most rules they are based on relatively simple principles and a logical approach – once you understand them! Coaching tools are an engaging way to visualise the conditions and results of actions and, more importantly, enable practice, practice and practice under a versatile and safe setting.Read more
SPE Aberdeen Award Winners

SPE Aberdeen Award Winners

Congratulations to SPE Aberdeen Award winners – we are once more pleased to have provided some of the awards featuring the unique skyline of Aberdeen...
Xodus at Offshore Europe 2017

Xodus at Offshore Europe 2017

Great to see Xodus at Offshore Europe demonstrating that physical props and visualisation tools have a place in strategic planning exercises! We have a...