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About us

Marketec design and manufacture hands-on models, props and tools to support a range of activities in several industry sectors. Our primary focus is on providing tools for improving team performance, with tabletop simulation props and exercise design being key products and services. The requirement to communicate a clear message is also applicable to tools for marketing support, operations planning or emergency response exercises … and we have substantial experience with each.



We create all our products on-site to provide you the highest quality
Models props and exercise structures designed for your technology and team.
Illustrating and demonstrating components and functionality for your systems and processes.
Demonstrating essential principles to reinforce understanding for advanced training and awareness.
Providing models, props and tools to convey or support your message.

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Latest projects

  • Mar, 1

    Navigation Training Video

    Navigation Training Video How to improve navigation training? The principles of navigation and buoyage are routinely presented using a variety of media, learning tools and training techniques. Our marine training props have been developed to enable engaging and relevant simulation exercises to be conducted for training or assessment. The ease by which exercises can be […]

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    Dec, 21

    Gas Migration Tube

    Gas Migration Tube The gas migration tube model was developed to demonstrate the volume and pressure responses as gas bubble migrates up a fluid column. Seeing these changes first-hand provides powerful reinforcement of gas behaviour theory … and the ability to control the pace of bubble migration in a closed or open system reinforces the […]

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  • Dec, 21

    Navigation and Buoyage Training Tools

    Navigation Training Tools Navigation training tools. We provide a new and highly engaging training method for navigational training, vessel lights, markers and buoyage. Thanks to this new model set you can greatly improve the training process and make knowledge stick by having delegates apply recently acquired skills in a table-top (or magnetic whiteboard) simulation exercise. Easy to use […]

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    Dec, 20

    Fairfield Energy Mimic Board

    Fairfield Energy Mimic Board The Fairfield Energy mimic board helps demonstrate non-standard operations, such as those undertaken during P&A and decommissioning. This model provides clarity and collaboration of skills and experience amongst participants. The surface and subsea stack-up showcased in this WISE-Board mimic board enables orientation, planning and what-if scenarios to be worked and developed.       […]

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  • Sep, 20

    Delivery of Marketec GMT 2 to Maersk Training

    Maersk Training – GMT Delivery Maersk Training Aberdeen are proud to be utilising innovative hands on training tools and methods.  They recently received their customised version of Marketec’s GMT 2 (Gas Migration Tube).  The Gas Migration Tube model series supports well control and downhole hydraulics training for the oil and gas sector. A water-filled acrylic […]

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    Jul, 19

    All Hands On Desk! Maersk Training eSea article

    Maersk Training eSea Marketec was mentioned in the recent Maersk Training eSea magazine article, which highlighted the mobile training systems that we offer and their importance to offshore and mobile training needs. Follow the link to read the article:- https://www.maersktraining.com/esea/        

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  • Jun, 7

    Marketec products make the difference! Follow up post

    Marketec products make the difference! Follow up Here is a follow up post to the previously posted Exceed South African presentation. It includes a video of Exceed’s performance improvement team in South Africa using our models and props to facilitate a HAZID/HAZOP. As can be seen in the video below, what can be a laborious process has […]

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    May, 9

    Marketec products make the difference!

    Marketec products make the difference! An example of how Marketec’s products helped differentiate Exceed’s presentation to a client of theirs in South Africa.   Follow the link to read the full article on LinkedIn :- https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-hire-facilitator-your-workshop-tim-wigham        

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  • May, 9

    Marketec’s SLS table being utilised at the recent IWCF conference

    IWCF conference Marketec’s own SLS table (Scenario Learning System) receiving some special attention at the recent Aberdeen IWCF conference. Follow the link below to see the full post on their Facebook page. http://bit.ly/1VXo8lk        

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    Mar, 21

    A better way to train and retain

    A better way to train and retain The team becomes the well! Using a storyline or narrative to reinforce key training points is a recognised training method. But, how about going further by making your class “be the system”! In this case, each delegate is a different part of the wellbore and therefore have different […]

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  • Mar, 2

    Gas Migration Tube Model

    Gas Migration Tube Model Installing our first Gas Migration Tube  model at our clients office.  This will assist with well control training – the basic principles.        

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    Feb, 16

    Downhole Gauge

    Downhole Gauge Model for Oil Service Company Our downhole gauge model is a recent project and example of how we apply our CNC milling and machining capability to create relatively complex shapes in interesting materials – in this case aluminium and polyurethane – including some creative work with the branding! We can make any bespoke […]

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  • Feb, 9

    Did you see Charlene on the STV news?

    Did you see our model “Chiksan Charlene” on the STV news? Our full scale bespoke model of “Chiksan Charlene” is a 1 to 1 scale treating iron model. She was spotted at SubSea Expo 2016 – Aberdeen. Charlene was made for INTERVENTION RENTALS Visit Video Channel  

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