WISE-Board Range

Laminated 2.5D magnetic tags and props for use on magnetic surfaces.


Understanding the configuration and functions of a system is crucial for reliable training – and ultimately reliable operation. A visualisation tool that illustrates a simplified system that includes key operating and contingency functions is a powerful tool for supporting a training and operation planning narrative.

The WISE-Board system components are designed to be externally representative of the equipment item, with a simplified schematic approach being used to illustrate key internal functions. Additional features such as operable valves, hydraulic or mechanical functions and dry-erase surfaces enable a higher level of use and improved relevance for specific training or planning applications. Using markers on the dry-erase whiteboard for emphasis or reinforcement further extends versatility and impact.

The components are machined from rigid plastic laminate with interlocking connections and a magnetic backing, allowing the parts to be placed and moved around the whiteboard surface as required. This enables the sequence, configuration or key operating functions of a critical system to be reliably and consistently illustrated – and demonstrated.

WiseBoard Treating Iron - marketec uk

Treating Iron

While the selection and assembly of treating iron is a routine process, there are significant consequences of incorrect use. Illustrating, demonstrating and practicing the correct hook-up reinforces the requirements of industry practice or company standards.

WB COILED TUBING training model marketec

Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing pressure control equipment can be configured to suit various well conditions and applications. For training and planning alike, it is crucial that personnel involved with planning and executing the intended operation share a clear understanding of what is required.

wireline-slickline model

Wireline / Slickline

The assembly and rig-up of wireline equipment can be undertaken form the top or bottom of the stack – depending on the configuration and availability of lifting equipment. For training and operation planning, it is important that personnel are clear on the process and hazards that may exist.

OOGTK - MoME set


The support of training, practice exercises and ultimately the management of a major emergency can be substantially improved by visualisation tools. The WISE-Board MoME system, enables a simple, versatile and technically relevant approach for incident management – illustrating people/roles, equipment, hazardous environments and changing environmental conditions.

OOGTK - MoME set

Cranes and Lifting

The equipment limits, operating practices and roles of personnel involved in lifting and handling must be clear to ensure safe and reliable operation. Tools that illustrate, demonstrate or reinforce the process of safe working in lifting and handling are powerful additions to training and planning.

production and process featured web

Production & Process

Apparently complex process or production systems can often be simplified for training and awareness – potentially in a way that allows incremental building of scale and complexity. A WISE-Board system can be designed to suit the objective of the learning or planning message – as well as the configuration and features of the system.


Machines & Mechanisms

Illustrating the basic principles of mechanisms and devices through WISE-Board models and props is a versatile and powerful means of building an engaging and memorable learning plan – applicable through entry to advanced levels.

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