Company Overview

Our mission is to become the world-recognized centre of excellence for the design and manufacture of tools, models and props for training, improving team performance or sales and marketing – in the industry sectors in which we operate.

We work in conjunction with behaviourists and training personnel to understand, evaluate and deploy improved learning or training tools which reinforce the power of hands-on learning.

We will maintain a high awareness of the issues and technologies impacting technical training within our industry sectors and will sustain an ability to react to customer requirements. Similarly, we will keep abreast of design and manufacturing developments to ensure we can provide the best option by the most efficient process.

Our workplace and methods will develop the skills and potential of our personnel while maintaining environmental and social awareness for the continued growth of our business.

Marketec - History


Established in 1994, we have provided oilfield consultancy and training support in a variety of completion and intervention sectors. With the development of our understanding and enthusiasm for hands-on tools for training, coaching and practice, we developed range of models, visualization tools and simulation exercise systems for team performance enhancement and operations planning.

Marketec - Methodology - training models


Unlike conventional model makers where the focus is on scale and level of detail – our primary focus is on your message or narrative! By collaborating closely with our clients, we create the best tool to support, illustrate or demonstrate their key message.

Marketec - Methodology

Global Collaboration

We predominantly work in the energy sector with operators, service companies and equipment manufacturers in the UK and around the world. However, our experience, expertise and many of our products can be applied in many other industry sectors, in all cases we seek to collaborate with clients to provide the best tools for delivering their message.