Table-Top Simulation

Simulation exercises are a proven method used widely in small team environments in military, health care and emergency services to practice responses and operational procedures. Table-top simulation exercise can provide similar benefits in wider industry training or coaching applications... read more

Planning & Team Performance Improvement

The ultimate performance of a team or operation is often dependent of the correct deployment of equipment materials and personnel – and adhering to good, or approved operating practices.  This requires good leadership, communication, situational awareness and other human factors or skills... read more

Training & Assessment

To be effective, learning experiences must be focussed, relevant and engaging - and definitely should use a blend of media such as print, electronic media, animation and of course physical models and props to illustrate the system and components. This is especially true in technical training... read more

Emergency Response

Understanding the location and status of personnel and response equipment – as well as changing environmental conditions is a significant challenge for most emergency response situations. Tools and equipment that help visualise the location and extent of a developing situation are... read more

Incident Investigation

The key objectives of an incident investigation typically relate to the activities, positions and movements of people, the location and use of tools, equipment and materials and the location and safety equipment and PPE. Models and props allow a “show me what happened” method of inquiry rather than the... read more

Marketing Support

Informing and educating potential users of your technology or equipment is, like training, best achieved by using a blend of media. Sales literature and electronic animations are greatly enhanced by putting your technology in the hands of your client – literally!... read more

Decom Planning

Well abandonment and installation decommissioning are non-standard activities, typically incorporating a high proportion of unknown factors that can impact the safety, efficiency and ultimately cost of the project. In addition, the teamwork and collaboration required for multi-agency, multi-disciplinary projects mean that a clear understanding and mental model of proposed activities is essential for all involved. read more

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