Whitemat Magnetic Surface

The multipurpose, multi-function magnetic surface - A versatile surface for illustrating and delivering your technical or business message.



Surface for table-top simulation exercises - used with generic or customised magnetic components to illustrate the configuration or features of the client’s equipment or system, e.g., illustrating and demonstrating a process or sequence of operation at the work site.

Support tool - for mobile or on-site trainers at locations where there is no installed magnetic whiteboard, e.g., work site or yard-based training.

Emergency response exercise or management tool - enabling the layout of equipment and location of hazards or response resources to be easily illustrated, especially where conditions may change and require updating, e.g., for staff or visitor orientation, drills, exercises or management of major incident.

Incident investigation support tool - a readily transportable, easy to use method of identifying key elements and sequence of events during incident investigation, e.g., use a “show me what happened” approach to acquire a better understanding events.

The concept and design has been developed to support mobile training and on-site briefings, where the WhiteMAT system is used to provide clear visual support and reinforcement of your message. It is also ideally suited for table-top simulation exercises where magnetic models and support tools are used with dry-erase markers to deliver your message with technical relevance, clarity and engagement for your audience.

In a team or crew-based workplace, the ease-of-use, simple handling, transportation and storage, makes the WHITE-Mat a versatile tool for improving team performance….enabling training presentations, simulation exercises, briefings and investigations.

Using the suspension bar, the surface can be hung and used as a mobile magnetic whiteboard, to provide clear visual support of your message while away from the class or office environment.


Table-top visualisation tool
- Magnetic surface stabilises models and props used to illustrate the key message.
- Dry-erase finish enables enhanced illustration and communication of dynamic processes or changeable conditions.

Suspended magnetic surface - A removable suspension bar connected to suction or magnetic hanging points enables the WhiteMat to be used at almost any location.

Customised surface printing - Improve relevance and engagement by customising the surface to reflect your equipment, systems, processes or brand.


Design and application support - Use our design and support service to ensure your key messages are identified, illustrated and delivered in the most appropriate way - suiting your audience, technology and budget.

System components, process symbols and personnel roles - Marketec provide a range of generic models, props and support tools - for use in table top, hand-held or magnetic whiteboard delivery.

Suspension bar and case options - Understanding the importance of good usability and how/where our clients will apply our products means we have developed appropriate and robust support tools.

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