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Decom Planning

Versatile and low-cost tools to assist decom teams explore options, test-drive plans and brief stakeholders.



Technical investigation and planning: Wellbore or system props and tools to conduct what-if investigations and explore/compare multiple options. Also, test-driving plans and procedures in a simple tabletop simulation brings clarity to the proposed process and improves engagement of the team conducting the review.

Briefing stakeholders: Stakeholders are often less familiar or technically aware of the scale, layout and features of a structure or production processing system. Similarly, senior team members indirectly associated with the planned operation will generally benefit from a visualisation tool used to illustrate key operation steps or phases.

Supporting operations and contingency support: Efficiently managing multiple organisations and disciplines requires that teams are presented with, and retain a clear and shared mental model of the intended process. A mixed media approach – presentation, illustration and demonstration – we help ensure that team members retain critical awareness and information.

Well abandonment and installation decommissioning are non-standard activities, typically incorporating a high proportion of unknown factors that can impact the safety, efficiency and ultimately cost of the project. In addition, the teamwork and collaboration required for multi-agency, multi-disciplinary projects mean that a clear understanding and mental model of proposed activities is essential for all involved. Improve your team performance by illustrating and demonstrating the options and plans for your decommissioning activities.


Physical model or prop: The ability to handle, orientate and view the area of interest is a recognised aid to visualisation and understanding. Whether for contextual or detailed assembly information, a physical model is powerful means of supporting or reinforcing your message.

System mimic board: Complex structures like wells and production systems typically require a lengthy process for making safe and decommissioning. Often involving multiple disciplines and organisations for both planning and execution. Mimic boards and system diagrams are powerful tools for investigating and clarifying options and illustrating status as the operation progresses.

Tabletop simulation: Simulation exercises are a valuable tool in which the importance of human factors and non-technical issues can be demonstrated, coached and practiced by operational teams. The impact of skills in communication, leadership and decision making is widely known, however, practicing the application of those skills in simulation exercises designed for normal, contingency and emergency operating conditions assists preparation for high-consequence non-standard activities.


Design and application support: Our design and support service can provide customised tools to reflect your specific conditions and support the narrative of your message.

Complimentary systems:  Marketec provide a range of generic models, props and support tools – for use in table top, hand-held or magnetic whiteboard delivery.

In this video you can see two of our decom models which were being displayed and used at Offshore Europe 2017.

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