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We believe in the power of ''hands-on visualisation'' and the use of physical props and table-top simulation systems to effectively deliver your message.

Specialised Tools - training models - tabletop simulation - oil and gas - energy

We provide tools for engineers, managers and marketing professionals in our client organisations.


We design and build visualisation and simulation systems with a focus on usability and never forget the relevance, quality and integrity of our service.


Models, props and visualisation tools have long been associated with education and training. However, they provide a powerful and versatile addition that will enhance engagement, focus and understanding in many applications.

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The ability to arrange face-to-face meetings for sales, coaching/training or technical briefing is severely constrained. Coincidentally, we are realising that
Tactical response
Conceiving, planning and briefing on the appropriate response to given conditions can be challenging for any leadership or management team.
BHA and Tool String Magnetic Tags
Two important factors (at least!) in BHA or tool string design … the specification and geometry of the individual tools

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