Operations Planning & Training Support

Specialised Tools - training models - tabletop simulation - oil and gas - energy

We believe in the power of hands-on models, physical props and table-top simulation systems to effectively deliver your technical message.

Specialised Tools - training models - tabletop simulation - oil and gas - energy

We provide tools to support and reinforce the message of engineers, managers and marketing professionals in our client organisations.


We design and build physical models, props, classroom friendly and desktop simulation systems with relevance, quality and integrity.


Models, props and visualisation tools have long been associated with education and training. However, they provide a powerful and versatile addition that will enhance engagement, focus and understanding in many applications.


Hands-on Visualisation – Engaging and Informative Tools for Coaching
Understanding the basic functionality and location of sealing surfaces of critical equipment – even simple equipment items like a valves Read more.
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Management of Major Emergencies – Hands-on Visualisation
A key part of managing any emergency (or unplanned) situation is communicating the planned response with operational staff, emergency responders Read more.
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Coaching & Awareness – Enabling Insight on Critical Processes and Facilities
Establishing and cultivating an awareness (not a skill) within a workforce, client base or with stakeholders often requires a subtly Read more.