Planning and Performance Optimization


Planning & Team Performance Improvement

Using visualisation systems and props to practice team dynamics, communication and leadership.


Faifield Mimic Board

The ultimate performance of a team or operation is often dependent of the correct deployment of equipment materials and personnel – and adhering to good, or approved operating practices.  This requires good leadership, communication, situational awareness and other human factors or skills.

Tools and props that support a planning processes can ensure that members of the team share the same mental model of how the operation is to be configured and conducted. Providing such clarity is crucial to avoiding confusion or ambiguity and ensuring ultimate success. Relevant physical props, models and mimic boards enable team members and stakeholders to visualise the intended process or objective. Also, in the latter stages of developing plans, such tools can be used to test-drive the procedure or programme documents – such as supporting CWOP or DWOP exercises.

In complex, critical or high-capital projects, bespoke pieces and specifically prepared sets of representative equipment greatly assist with the development of what-if scenarios and contingency plans.

By collaborating with our clients and their subject matter experts, we provide performance enhancing tools and compile training scenarios that efficiently deliver both technical and non-technical learning experiences – designed to complement the client’s equipment and systems.

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