BHA & Tool String Configuration Coaching Tools –

BHA & Tool String Configuration Coaching Tools – Two important factors (at least!) in BHA or tool string design … the specification and geometry of the individual tools or components … and the function and characteristics of the string as a whole. Most will be different… so, a coaching tool that helps illustrate and demonstrate the assembly sequence and ultimate configuration of the tool string can be a useful aid for planning and briefing. Don’t underestimate the value of a good technical briefing for (both) routine and non-routine activities … and don’t underestimate the power of hands-on visualisation tools in…Read more
Valve Actuator – Hands-on  Failsafe Tool for Coaching!

Valve Actuator – Hands-on Failsafe Tool for Coaching! Critical equipment systems are frequently designed with fail-safe functionality – often comprising several control and actuation systems, e.g., mechanical, hydraulic and possibly electrical/instrumentation. A structured, incremental approach to coaching and training using a variety of tools and blended learning processes provide an engaging and efficient approach for such complex equipment, such as in this case, a valve actuator. The functioning of a complicated valve actuator system can be explained  and demonstrated using simple hands-on props. Combined with relevant and robust coaching it can illustrate and demonstrate the key features and operating characteristics…Read more
Hands-on Visualisation – Engaging and Informative Tools for Coaching

Hands-on Visualisation – Engaging and Informative Tools for Coaching Understanding the basic functionality and location of sealing surfaces of critical equipment – even simple equipment items like a valves – is key to proper operation, efficient maintenance and successful troubleshooting. Where the coaching message is critical for safe and reliable operation, it should be delivered and reinforced in different ways – preferably using different media to ensure retention. Simple hands-on props combined with contextual information and a robust coaching narrative are essential tools for illustrating and demonstrating operating characteristics and relevant features. Our props are custom designed to convey a message…Read more
Management of Major Emergencies – Hands-on Visualisation

Management of Major Emergencies – Hands-on Visualisation A key part of managing any emergency (or unplanned) situation is communicating the planned response with operational staff, emergency responders or stakeholders. For all involved, having a clear understanding of the current situation and the plan for deploying resources is crucial – as is the knowledge of changing hazards and environmental conditions. Creating a relevant visualisation with simple props to illustrate the deployment of key roles and equipment while highlighting hazards or operating parameters is a versatile tool that will quickly and efficiently deliver the response plan – using the power of…Read more
Coaching & Awareness – Enabling Insight on Critical Processes and Facilities

Coaching & Awareness – Enabling Insight on Critical Processes and Facilities Establishing and cultivating an awareness (not a skill) within a workforce, client base or with stakeholders often requires a subtly different message than used for skills training – but the key principles remain. The experience must be engaging, relevant and focussed on providing a recall of key specifics to the desired level of detail.  Since time is often limited and the audience may start form varying levels of basic knowledge, a delivery technique that takes your audience on a plausible journey or narrative through the process is often the easiest to execute…Read more
Coaching tools for Buoyage – Buoys and Marks

Coaching tools for Buoyage – Buoys and Marks A practical understanding of buoyage and how it determines “actions on the water” requires that navigators understand both the meaning of each buoy, plus the requirements of the buoyage system. As with many skills it’s mostly about recognising patterns and visualising the route ahead – and that takes practice. Practice on a table-top using realistic scenarios and tools will substantially help when taking that crucial next step to practice on the water!Read more
Coaching Tools for Buoyage – Vessels

Coaching Tools for Buoyage – Vessels A practical understanding of buoyage and navigation systems is also about understanding the characteristics and constraints of other traffic and water users – some of which may be more predictable than others! An important aspect of learning how to use almost any system safely and efficiently, is learning how to be IN the system, co-habiting with other users – large/small, commercial/leisure, skilled/less-skilled. Preparation and some practice using relevant table-top coaching tools and realistic scenarios enables basic skills and understanding to be acquired in a safe and controlled environment.Read more
Flat-Pack Structures

Flat-Pack Structures Structural models and props are useful when your message involves orientation within/around a facility or installation - or where the details of a briefing or explanation are clearer when presented with context. Such applications do not typically need high-resolution tools – let’s keep the detail (and the investment of time and effort) in the right place! With a little thought and understanding of your essential message, simple, economic and highly effective aids to understanding can be produced … “IKEA-style”!!Read more
Surfaces and Symbols for Delivering Your Message

Surfaces and Symbols for Delivering Your Message Symbols are widely used to convey clear information or messages. Some are bespoke, reflecting the technology, organisation or industry sector. Others are more formal and widely used in multi-agency applications, such as the symbology used in UK Civil Protection guidance documents and briefings. Symbols and commonly understood terminology facilitate information exchange and enable “at-a-glance” situational awareness – highlighting hazards, assets and resources to support informed decision making.Read more
Interactive Coaching Tools

Interactive Coaching Tools Schematic diagrams and P&IDs are key support tools for the engineering and maintenance for almost all process systems or electrical installations. They can be complex and intimidating for people unfamiliar with the system … however, an interactive visualisation tool provides a level of engagement and participation that helps users understand the configuration and functionality of key system components. An understanding that is crucial for safe and efficient operation, maintenance or engineering of almost any system.Read more